• Ceremonial Matcha

    A very high grade matcha from Japan.

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  • Daily Matcha

    A high-quality Japanese matcha, perfect for everyday use. Enjoy it straight, in lattes, smoothies or baked goods.

  • Japanese Genmaicha

    A unique tea made with organic sencha and toasted rice. Rich nutty aroma and fresh sweet flavor, delightfully smooth and thirst quenching.

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  • Japanese Sencha Grade A

    Delicate vegetal aroma and flavor, with a nutty and smooth finish. Clean and refreshing.

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  • Kukicha

    Organic kukicha green tea, full of flavour, fruity aroma and a velvety finish

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  • Shizuoka Premium Matcha

    An exceptional Matcha, smooth, creamy, slightly sweet with a hint of grassiness.

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