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Wakocha Japanese Black

A truly elegant, strong, delicious black tea from Japan

Wakocha Japanese Black

Wakocha is a unique Japanese black tea. This delightful organic tea from Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan is made from a cultivar traditionally used for green tea. When processed in the Chinese method as a black tea, it produces a lovely brew that has an incredibly fresh and smooth finish without any of the bitterness of other varieties of black tea. Full bodied character with a delicious sweetness, lingering floral taste and fruity aroma. It is strong and bold but has sweetness, elegance yet low astringency. A truly elegant, delicious black tea! Highly recommended. Quantities are limited.


Organic Black Tea (Camelia Sinensis)


Serving Size: 2.5g /cup
Steeping Temp: 100°C
Steeping Time: 2 to 5 mins.
Origin: Japan
Caffeine: High
Certification: Organic
Aroma: Clean, sweet
Infusion Aroma: Floral
Infusion Color: Amber
Infusion Strength: Strong


Really unique, heavy on the minerality and almost tastes a little salty. Mellow, somehow light. Earthy undertones mixed with sea breeze. Yeah this is a keeper.


Rico's Retail

By far, my new favourite black tea! Thank you for introducing me to it.

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