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Teas for your resolutions


We’re at the end of January, and we still have resolutions on our mind. If you have set some resolutions or just want to change a few habits, read on! Also, if you have good habits but want tea to help maintain them, this article is for you too.

At Shanti Tea, we already use tea for everything. Whether we’re feeling bloated, full, hungry, sweet tooth, tired, distracted, hot, cold, happy, sad, you name it! There is a tea for that.

We’re taking 7 popular resolutions and giving you a tea to help out! If you are working on a different goal, post in the comments below and we’ll help you find the perfect tea.

1. Eat Healthier

Okay, this one is a no brainer for most of us. Eat healthier foods is a goal many of us share. We’re certainly not perfect, but we do our best. We have a GREAT tea to help curb cravings (especially if they are for your sweet-tooth).
Anti-Sugar is a blend we’ve created with Gymnema (an herb that is known to stop sugar cravings and make the taste of sugar unappealing for a short period of time), and other ingredients that help to lightly suppress appetite and increase your metabolism. When you’re feeling a craving coming on, brew up a cup of Anti-Sugar to keep those cravings at bay. If you do decide to have a snack anyway, we bet it will be a healthier choice thanks to Gymnema, and your metabolism will be working a bit harder too.

2. Get more exercise

Do you know that adults need approximately 30-40 minutes of activity per day? Are you getting enough?

Spirit is the perfect blend to give you the energy you need to get moving. The ingredients in here are known to increase energy and improve focus. Yerba mate, guayusa, ginkgo, and eleuthero ginseng are the star ingredients, with a long history of use to increase energy and alertness.
We also recommend it as an alternative coffee (win-win), because it offers a significant amount of caffeine, but a slower release, so no jitters and no crash. The roasted chicory lends a warm, nutty, rich flavour and roasted carob adds a subtle touch of chocolatey sweetness that is comparable to the flavours of coffee.

3. Self-Care

We read about it everywhere, but do you practice self-care routines? What is self-care? It’s basically taking some time for yourself. You work hard, so find small ways to take a moment and do something you enjoy. Whether it’s a yoga class, a warm bath, or a cup of tea. Think of something that you like to do just for yourself and do it!

Banana Bread is the tea we suggest for your self-care routine. It is organic, sugar-free, caffeine-free and delicious. If you want to take a break to read, have a bath, or just enjoy a cup of tea as part of your self-care routine, we highly recommend this cuppa.

4. Get more sleep

Does falling asleep come easy for you, or are you often wide-awake once your head hits the pillow. When you do fall asleep, is it a deep, restful sleep, or restless? It’s not only about the number of hours you sleep, the quality is also very important.

Sweet Dreams contains a number of ingredients that are well known for rest and relaxation. Valerian Root is a known sedative, it will help you to fall asleep and have a more restful sleep. Some may find this blend more effective than others, so please ensure that you are at home and ready for bed before trying this tea out, to ensure you aren’t driving or performing any other tasks that require focus, in case you become drowsy. Note: some people who allergic to ragweed are also allergic to chamomile. If you're one of those people, try straight Valerian Root. You can add it to your favourite caffeine-free cuppa or drink it straight).

5. Quit smoking

Hooray! If you are a smoker and looking to stop this year - congratulations!

We have two teas for you. Serenitea has herbs that calm anxiety and promote relaxation. Often, feelings of relaxation can help curb the urge to smoke. The second is Mullien Leaf. This ingredient is an expectorant, meaning it will make you cough up all the bad stuff in your lungs. Drink mullein tea to help kick start the process your body will undergo to rid itself of the negative effects smoking has.

6. Get organized

Many of us struggle to keep all of our to-do’s on track. Maybe this is the year you finally meal prep effectively, throw out unused clothes or other stuff, or stop forgetting that one task you need to do but pushed aside. Whatever your organization woes are, we have the perfect tea for you.

Buddha Focus contains green tea and herbs that combine to give you a tea which helps to boost alertness, mental clarity and concentration. The caffeine in green tea gives a small amount of energy that will last all day.

7. Manage stress better

Do you have feelings of stress and/or anxiety that are impacting your life? There are many ways to cope, and speaking to someone about these feelings is definitely one of them. In addition to measures you are already taking, we suggest a few different teas.

Serenitea contains ingredients that promote calm and relaxation. One of the main ingredients – lemon balm – is known for it’s calming and anti-anxiety properties. It is a perfect tea for decreasing feelings of stress. Tulsi is another great option, we have several different tulsi blends to choose from. Chamomile is also calming and soothing, and lavender has great anti-stress, anti-anxiety properties. Try Kamila’s Chamomile Dream, with chamomile, lavender and cinnamon.

Are you a business owner?

Tea for health is not a new concept, but it continues to grow in popularity. If you are carrying Shanti Tea products in your business, you already have high-quality, organic products that are healthy too! Send a list of the products you offer to, we'll help you to better understand the benefits associated with your teas and how to talk about those with your customers. Plus, if you are looking to create a wellness blend that we don't offer already, we can help you with that too!