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Dial it in: Water temperature by tea type

Tea temperature

If you want to up your tea game, water temperature is a good place to start. Together with tea quality and steeping time, water temperature is one of the most important factors involved in brewing a perfect cup of tea.

While it’s often the default, boiling water is sometimes too hot.

But if you’ve been flicking on the kettle and dousing boiling water on all of your teas, don’t worry – we aren’t here to retroactively ruin years of perfectly good tea.

Each type of tea has unique needs when it comes to water temperature; dial it in and you can really maximize the flavour of your infusion.

Black – Steep black teas like English Breakfast or Assam at 93°C - 100°C (200°F - 212°F).

Oolong – Darker oolongs (browner leaves) like Citrus Punch are best steeped at 85°C - 91°C (185°F - 195°F) and lighter oolongs (greener leaves) like Iron Goddess at 77°C - 85°C (170°F - 185°F).

Green – For green teas, such as Gunpowder or Japanese Sencha, ideal steeping temperatures range from 68°C - 85°C (155°F - 185°F).

White – Steep white teas like Snow Maple and Strawberry White at 82°C - 88°C (180°F - 190°F).

HerbalHerbal teas like Vanilla Rooibos or Ginger Mint Comfort are best steeped at boiling or near boiling (100°C or 212°F).

A kettle with a temperature setting can be helpful to achieve precision, but it’s not necessary. Bring water to a boil in a standard kettle, wait a few minutes for it to cool down, and check the temperature with a cooking thermometer. When the desired temperature is achieved, make note of the time and you’re set for your next cup!