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A Black Tea Sampler

Love a rich, full-bodied cup of organic black tea? This sampler box is for you!

A Black Tea Sampler

Black Tea Sampler - a selection of classic, most popular black teas for a "good black tea" lovers. This pack includes four pouches with five teabags in each or four pouches of loose leaf tea. The choice is yours!


This popular black is great in the morning by itself or with added milk. It is full bodied and strong with a malty flavor.

English Breakfast

A classic Ceylon black tea with complex flavor profile, light body and brisk character.


A lively black tea with a mild smoky character and delicious juicy wine-like flavor

Irish Breakfast

A very strong and bold black tea blend, with pronounced earthiness and maltiness.


Organic black tea


Serving Size: g /cup
Origin: Various
Certification: Organic
Grade or Quality: Various
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