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A Green Tea Sampler

Explore the fascinating and complex world of organic green tea with this green tea sampler box!

A Green Tea Sampler

Green Tea Sampler - a selection of classic, most popular green teas for good health and a delicious everyday beverage, hot or cold.

China Sencha

A profound tea providing the experience sought by green tea enthusiasts. This renowned green tea with its long, dark needle shaped leaves produces a cup with a bright clear liquor and sweet grassy flavor. Less grassy and vegetal then Japanese Sencha, Chinese Sencha invokes soft notes of toasted rice with a delicate, clean finish.


Our in house blend of grassy, vegetal, smoky and lively green teas. We love it in the morning or for a boost of energy in the afternoon, instead of coffee. It's robust with a complexity of flavors that are enhanced with food, especially sweeter food.


Vibrant and fresh green tea, rich in umami with very little astringency and a very sweet, mellow, and greenish fragrance very typical of the long shaded teas.


Crisp green tea from Japan, full of flavour, fruity aroma and a velvety finish.


Organic green tea


Serving Size: g /cup
Origin: Various
Certification: Organic
Grade or Quality: Various
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