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Light, crisp and refreshing white teas make an equally lively kombucha


The least processed variety of tea, white teas are delicate, floral and slightly grassy. We used white teas in this blend to give you a clean and bright kombucha with a slightly floral and fruity undertone. BRIGHT will pair well with floral flavours (lavender, rose, etc), herbs (rosemary, basil, mint), citrus fruits, pears, ginger and probably anything else you want to test out. It’s a great base, but stronger flavours may overwhelm the subtlety of the kombucha


Organic white tea


Serving Size: 2.5g /cup
Origin: China
Certification: Organic
Grade or Quality: Loose Leaf


Combine the following to make a 1 gallon batch of kombucha!
• 1 gallon (4 litres) clean, purified water
• 2 tablespoons loose tea
• 1 cup pure cane sugar
• 1-2 cups starter liquid
• 1-gallon wide-mouth glass jar
• Tea towel (or breathable fabric) and rubber band

Infuse tea in hot water (BOLD and BURNT can be infused in boiling water for 4-5 minutes. BRIGHT and BARE should only be infused in hot water, about 75-80°C for 3-4 minutes).
Remove tea leaves, stir in sugar and allow to cool. Only put your SCOBY in room temperature tea Note: to cool down faster, infuse your tea in 1 litre of hot or boiling water, then add the remaining 3 litres of cold water after stirring in sugar.
Pour your sweet tea into your wide-mouth jar, add the starter liquid and place in the SCOBY. Cover with a tea towel or cloth and secure with a rubber band.
Place the container in a warm, ventilated area out of direct sunlight for 7-10 days. After 5 days, taste your brew and continue to ferment if desired. Some find that allowing it to sit for up to 20 days works, but keep in mind that the longer it sits, the more vinegary it will taste.
You can enjoy right away, or bottle for a second fermentation, this is where it really starts to fizz! You can also add fruits, teas, herbs, spices, or any other organic plant-based ingredients to get your favourite flavour combinations.

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