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Tea Legends: Caramel’s Missing Myth


If you’ve ever wandered into a popular coffee shop on a rainy afternoon, you’re sure to have heard someone ordering and some barista announcing the preparation of a caramel latte. These relatively simple drinks have become one of the mainstays of popular culture, yet the massive pilings of milk and sugar offer relatively little in the way of health benefits. What is so attractive about them, then? Quite simply: flavor.

Ah. Now we’re getting somewhere. If flavor is what you want, put your faith in our tea company’s blend mistress, whose wizard-like approach to the possible iterations of leaf and spice, accent and flavor are so complex as to be nearly magical. Our Canadian tea company uses only the finest ingredients, and this time we’ve really outdone ourselves: caramel latte as you’ve never had it before, with black tea, real coffee beans, sunflower petals, and caramel extracts.

At our company we love steeping ourselves in mythology as we meld our minds with tea. Coffee, for instance, is surrounded by legends about its origins and properties. According to ancient thought, it was discovered when an Arabian shepherd named Kaldi found his goats prancing amongst a shrub covered with the cheerful cherries of a coffee shrub.

And the sunflower? Equally well loved by mythology. Humankind has long noted that the face of the sunflower follows the path of the sun through the sky, tracking its progress like a lover would. Native to North America, legend says that if an American Indian girl put three sunflower seeds down her back, she would marry the first boy she met thereafter.

But despite the wealth of tall tales that we have access to, the storytellers of our time and times long past are remarkably silent on that sweet and sultry treat, caramel. Sadly there are no myths associated with it, but if there were, do you ever wonder what they would be like? It looks like we’re the only ones who have ever bothered to think it through, and we think enjoying our heartwarming caramel latte is the best time to do it.

So then, how does a legend come to be? What are its main components? Beauty and danger, love and laughter, gorgeous women and dashing men. Using all of these devices, a myth usually explains something, but here no explanation is needed: if butter and sugar and milk are heated to the right temperature, they will become one of the most delicious candies ever tasted! Then again, the almost magical chemical combination that turns separate ingredients into a lovely confection bespeaks the workings of a fairy or elf … or really good chef.

So perhaps caramel needs no special story of its own because its legend is obvious: sweet, buttery, just a tiny bit salty, this American dessert blends so well with rich, dark coffee and fragrant tea that it’s a wonder we didn’t think of this before. Well, nevermind, because now you can brew yourself a cup of this astonishing blend whenever you like. In fact, we want you to.