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Ceylon Rainforest Green

Ceylon Rainforest Green

Ceylon Rainforest Green
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Surprisingly fresh and lively, lightly grassy, with the uplifting quality of ceylon teas. A must try for lovers of Ceylon green teas.

Ingredients: Green Tea

25g (8-15 cups of tea)
100g (35-65 cups of tea)
500g (165-300 cups of tea)
2kg (670-1300 cups of tea)
80g Tin - Loose leaf (30-35 cups of tea)


  • Serving Size: 2.8g /cup
  • Steeping Temp: 78°C
  • Steeping Time: 2 mins.
  • Certification: Organic
  • Origin: Sri Lanka
  • Caffeine: Medium Light

Ceylon Rainforest Green

Our Ceylon Rainforest Green is very similar in leaf style to our classic Ceylon Forest Green, but greener in flavour and aroma. It has a full body with a lively vegetal character which tends towards a japanese green tea, but considerably more mellow and smooth, with the serene and uplifting qualities of Ceylon teas.

Tasting Notes

Certification: Organic
Grade or Quality: Leaf
Aroma: Vegetal
Infusion Aroma: Grassy, earthy
Infusion Color: Light amber
Base flavor: Light, earthy, grassy, vegetal
Infusion Strength: Medium-Light

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{screen_name} 14321

Useless.  If you like hot water with a little colour this is for you.  I couldn’t get any worthwhile flavor out of this tea.  If you are new to green tea this might appeal to you.

Submitted by Toolbox

Love the mildness and great flavour!

Submitted by EHillier

I already reviewed this tea, as I do love it, but I have lately compared it to the Darjeeling Green and have to say the difference in the leaf brings it out on top. This has large leaves, maybe that’s what I prefer!

Submitted by elliekennard
{screen_name} 43211

I gave this tea as a gift to a friend. He said it was one of the purest teas he had

Submitted by Marrello
{screen_name} 43211

An awesome green tea, no bitter taste and a fresh flavour of the Ceylon Forest.

Submitted by Kalaane
{screen_name} 54321

I love this green tea. It has a light yet distinctive flavour. I like to brew my green tea up to 3 times from the same teaspoon of leaves, so that the caffeine is gradually reduced through the day. This tea handles that very nicely, retaining flavour and aroma. The colour is delicate and clear.

Submitted by elliekennard
{screen_name} 54321

This is my go-to green tea for mornings!! Love the freshness and flavor.

Submitted by EHillier
{screen_name} 54321


Submitted by John101010
{screen_name} 32121

Really nice green tea. Great with a little bit of honey.

Submitted by MJay22