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Our Tea Sommelier’s top 5

Top 5

To help you celebrate Hot Tea Month by discovering some new and exciting teas, we asked our Tea Sommelier, Alicja, for her top five picks from the Shanti collection. From delicate and floral to dark and moody, explore Alicja’s curated list below, and find out what makes each of these teas a must-try.

  1. Keemun Premium

    “An elegant black tea, well-balanced flavours of sweet and floral notes, slight maltiness, a touch of vanilla and no bitterness. I love to share this tea with guests – everyone is always delighted.”

  2. Apple Chai

    “A delicious herbal chai that even kids will enjoy. Full of delectable flavours and a sweet aroma. This tea is a great accompaniment for apple crisp or apple cake (szarlotka). You can tell I love apples!”

  3. White Rose

    “Gorgeous looking tea. It makes a beautiful gift. The flavour is subtle and sweet, with no harshness or bitterness. The elegant aroma of roses is inspiring and calming. It’s my favourite afternoon or evening tea while reading a book.”

  4. Defence

    “Fantastic tart berry flavor. Energizing and motivating. This herbal tea is great hot or cold, for adults or for kids. I like to use it as a base for cocktails. The best part? It has protective powers too! Super tea!”

  5. Citrus Punch

    “Bold and smoky flavours of dark oolong tea blended with citrusy sweet flavors. Compelling complexity and lingering aftertaste. This tea is Interesting and intriguing, just like a good whisky.”

Did you know January is Hot Tea Month? It’s a month to celebrate all things tea, including the rich culture and history, diverse types and health benefits. It’s also probably no surprise that it falls in January because we can all appreciate being soothed by a hot cup of tea right after the holidays, particularly if it’s cold and dark in your part of the world.

Let us know if you discover a new favourite this month!