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Cool down with iced tea cubes

Iced tea

With the weather heating up, iced tea season is in full swing. And while there’s nothing quite as refreshing as a perfectly brewed cup of iced tea (maybe with a squeeze of citrus), if you’re looking to up your iced tea game, try cooling down with iced tea cubes!

How to

It’s as simple as it sounds: choose your favourite teas and freeze them in ice cube trays. You can pour hot tea directly into the ice cube tray, or you can use a batch of iced tea (if you are new to brewing iced tea, or you would like more details on the various methods for each type of tea, explore our detailed post on how to make delicious iced tea). A 16 oz canning/mason jar holds roughly enough tea for one standard-sized ice cube tray. To really make your summer drinks come alive, choose teas with dark or brightly-coloured infusions. We used Hibiscus Tea, Pomegranate Tulsi and Mango Tango.

Ice, ice baby

Iced tea cubes can be made ahead and they don’t melt as quickly as regular ice cubes, so they keep your drink colder, longer! Here are a few ways to enjoy them:

  • Add them to your favourite flavoured sparkling water or seltzer for a fizzy infusion (we added Hibiscus Tea to a cranberry-raspberry seltzer and it was incredible!)
  • Use the iced tea cubes to make your own blend by tossing in a couple of each type into the same glass (Hibiscus Tea and Pomegranate Tulsi was an excellent combination)
  • Transform your favourite cocktail into a fancy teatail (try Mango Tango with a Malibu Rum cocktail) or add to a sparkling wine for a tea-infused wine spritzer
  • Add your iced tea cubes to iced tea! You can create blends by adding iced tea cubes to different types of iced tea, or you can keep it all the same, so your iced tea stays cold and undiluted.
  • Get creative and try adding fruit or edible flowers to your iced tea cubes