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Ginger Root

Ginger Root

Ginger Root

Ginger Root imported from India

Ingredients: Organic ginger root (Zingiber officinale)
25g Pouch
100g Pouch
500g Pouch
2kg Pouch


  • Serving Size: 2.5g /cup
  • Steeping Temp: 100°C
  • Steeping Time: 5 mins.
  • Certification: Organic
  • Origin: India
  • Caffeine: Caffeine Free

Ginger Root

Ginger root, with its ancient history and immense health benefits, has been hailed by many cultures as a spice of the heavens. Ginger is a common cooking spice and can be found in a variety of foods and drinks, including ginger bread, ginger snaps, ginger sticks, and ginger ale. Ginger can be used fresh and dried. Both forms of the herb are aromatic and pungent. Ginger is a stimulant and a carminative. Fresh ginger contains more water and is milder while the dried form is stronger and has more penetrating action.

Vata: Ginger is a warming, aromatic herb with a long history of medicinal uses, most notably for digestion, nausea, gas and cramps. It's heating and digestive properties make it useful for a Vata imbalance.

Tasting Notes

Certification: Organic
Grade or Quality: C/S
Base flavor: Spicy

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From the Shanti Tea Canada Blog

How to make the perfect masala chai - by Safiya Motala

How to make the perfect masala chai

If you walk into any Indian family kitchen and ask for the recipe for perfect masala chai, it is guaranteed that you will never get the same answer twice. There is no hard rule for this beverage, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t easy guidelines to follow.

First things first, chai means tea. If you say “can I have some chai tea”, you’re essentially saying “can I have some tea tea”. What you likely mean to say is masala chai (as in, tea with a blend of spices). Masala is the Indian term for a mixture of spices.

Masala chai was around far before tea made it’s way to India. Some date the history up to 9000 years ago! Before the 1930’s when tea was introduced to the Indian market, masala chai was simply a blend of spices infused for medicinal properties in Ayurveda and did not contain any tea.


If you want to make your own traditional style masala chai from home, there are only a few things you will need:

Health: Ginger Root - by Safiya Motala

Health: Ginger Root


Latin: Zingiber officinale. Ginger is in the same family as turmeric, cardamom and galangal.

The history of ginger in food and health is long and diverse. It was used as a tea, the fresh root grated and infused in boiling water for 15 minutes to treat ailments such as bronchitis, colds, congestion, fatigue, cramps, cold hands and feet and digestive issues. It was also considered to be an aphrodisiac. In addition to the health benefits, ginger also has a rich culinary and folklore history.


There are many potential benefits of consuming ginger root, read 10 of those below:

  1. Fights infections: Gingerol can help lower the risk of infections and obstruct the growth of many different types of bacteria.
  2. Great for teeth! The properties which help ginger root fight infections is also linked to combatting gingivitis and periodontitis.
  3. Lowers cholesterol: Ginger is heart healthy! It has been linked to lowering cholesterol levels in some studies.
  4. Eases muscle pain: With continued use, ginger has shown to relieve muscle pain related to exercise.
  5. ...

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