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Health: Goji Berries


Often praised as a superfood, these little berries pack quite a punch. If you are looking for something to add to recipes or a healthy treat, look no further.

Goji Berries (or Wolf Berries) are bright orange in colour and originate from China. These berries have been used for centuries in Chinese medicine, believed to increase lifespan and improve health.

12 potential health benefits:

  1. Improves overall well-being
  2. Contain beta-carotene and 50% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin A in 28g
  3. Source of iron (14% of the recommended daily intake in 28g)
  4. Calming
  5. Full of antioxidants
  6. Great source of selenium, 25% of the recommended daily intake in 28g
  7. Improves athletic performance
  8. Improves energy
  9. Improves sleep quality
  10. Helps aid in weight loss
  11. Low calorie
  12. Lots of fibre

What do you do with goji berries?

  • You can use goji berries in tea by infusing 1 heaping teaspoon or more into 8oz boiling water, leave it covered for 5-10 minutes. You can also add goji berries to your favourite teas for your own at-home specialty tea blend.
  • Make a trail mix. You could just add some berries to your favourite trail mix, or mix raw nuts, dark chocolate chunks and goji berries for an easy homemade trail mix.
  • Toss goji berries in cereal, use to top yoghurt, add to oatmeal.
  • They can be used in recipes which call for berries of some sort, they go well with sweet dishes and savoury  dishes (try a goji-cranberry sauce for your next turkey dinner!)

If you can find fresh goji berries it is recommended to choose that option, but it can be quite difficult to find. Dried berries still offer excellent health benefits!

Shanti Tea offers certified organic Goji Berries and features them in a few of our tea blends. Order these powerful berries and let us know you’re favourite way to enjoy them!