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Rosemary Leaf

Organic rosemary leaves from Morocco

Rosemary Leaf

Rosemary Leaf Tea is an aromatic infusion-type herb with a taste renowned for being refreshing, strong, and tasty, exhibiting a tinge of loamy flavors. An infusion made in water with the dried rosemary provides great pungency to the taste and smell. However, it is not only a tasty tea drink but also helpful in terms of its health benefits. It's known as an excellent antioxidant with digestive properties and it is often taken in the context of possibly helping in better memory and concentration of the brain. Rosemary leaf tea, be it warm or cold, is the balm of the senses and the aromatic reawakening invigorates the mind and body.


Rosemary Leaf


Serving Size: 1g /cup
Origin: Morocco
Certification: Organic
Grade or Quality: Full Leaf
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