Our Wholesale Services

We carry one of the widest selection of Certified Organic Teas and Dry Foods in North America


Competative Wholesale Pricing for Organic Teas and Dry Foods

We have invested heavily in our Certified Organic supply chain to bring you competitive wholesale pricing for bulk Organic Teas and Dry Foods. Our prices are often equal to non-organic products carried by other wholesalers.



Private Label Certified Organic Teas and Dry Foods

Would you like to create a private label tea or dry food (seeds, nuts, grains, etc.)? Whether it's a small batch of 8 units or a large run of 100,000 units, we've got you covered at a competitive price. Its never been easier to launch your own brand of luxury teas. You pick the packaging, from boxes, pouches, tins and bags... anything you can think of, we can make it happen.



Custom Tea Blending

Do you have ideas for a specific flavour of tea for your brand? Let us know, and we'll work with you to make your custom creation a reality, and certified organic to boot! We know what we're doing when it comes to certified organic tea blending and flavouring.

Pyramid Teabag Manufacturing and Co-packing

Think your customers will appreciate organic teabags more than loose-leaf? No problem! We manufacture pyramid teabags and flat teabags on-site with a high quality natural biodegradable mesh. Nothing synthetic here!



Tea Specialist Training and Consulting

Do you or your staff need training in order to serve your customers better? Don't know which teas best compliment your menu? We've got it covered. We can train you and your staff on serving technique, history, health properties, flavour profiles, anything and everything you need to know to succeed in your business.


We are all about Quality, Experience, and Reliability

We know organic tea, hearbs and spices. Since our founding in 2009, we've been refining and perfecting all aspects of our supply chain and manufacturing, from field to cup. Our exclusive focus on Certified Organic teas and dry foods has allowed us to build a tight network of reliable farms, suppliers, and service providers.

Straight From The Farm

Our products come form carefully selected farms. We know our suppliers and have forged strong relationships with them.

Canadian Manufacturing

All of our manufacturing is done in Canada, at our Ottawa warehouse. This ensures strict quality control and product excellence.

Focused On Quality

We've built our reputation on quality products, and excellent customer service. No matter how large or small the project, we always focus on the details and guarantee your satisfaction.

Organic Tea For The Foodservice Industry

We're a young and energetic company, with a highly skilled team and innovative manufacturing methods. There is no other organic tea manufacturer like us. Our level of service, quality of product, attention to detail, and unique manufacturing processes sets us apart. Make use of our expertise to set yourself above the rest.


We have organic loose-leaf tea and teabag solutions for restaurants. We also offer unique menu creation, food matching, tea service training, and custom blending.

Hotels and Catering

Our luxury tea sachets are always a hit at hotels, especially with room service. Our sweet dreams tea helps your guests get a good night sleep, and our morning blends get them pumped up and energized.

Coffeehouses and Caf├ęs

Our Lotus Collection of popular teas are a hit at Coffeehouses - Micro roasters can also benefit from our private label program to spread their brand and build a loyal following.

Organic Tea and Dry Foods for Retail

Our industry-unique scalable manufacturing process means that you can now create a complete private label solution with minimums as low as 8 pieces! We can also scale production to hundreds of thousands of pieces. You won't find that kind of flexibility anywhere else, and it's all tailored to your specifications. We also have a slew of other options to help retailers make the most of their tea program:

Our Brand or Private Label

Our retail business customers have been enjoying a high degree of success with the Shanti Tea brand on their shelves. We also offer full private label solutions for those interested in developing a proprietary brand.

Custom Tea Blending

Make your brand stand out with a unique certified organic custom blended tea. Our low minimums mean that you can get started with minimal investment, and grow your business and your brand organically.

Organic Certification

Getting your own organic certification can be an expensive and time consuming process. We can manufacture your certified organic brand at our facility and affix the Certified Organic logo to your labels.