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Stand Up Pouches

Stand Up Pouches

Stand Up Pouches

Resealable and non-resealable stand-up pouches for tea and coffee.

Resealable Stand-Up Pouch w/zip #0, 1pc.

Stand Up Pouches

Pouch Type Capacity Width Height Gusset
Stand-up Pouch #0 5-10g Tea, 28g Coffee 80mm 130mm 40mm
Stand-up Pouch #1 10-25g Tea, 70g Coffee 110mm 160mm 60mm
Stand-up Pouch #2 45-80g Tea, 150g Coffee 130mm 210mm 60mm
Stand-up Pouch #3 100-150g Tea, 250g Coffee 160mm 230mm 70mm
Stand-up Pouch #4 200-350g Tea, 500g Coffee 190mm 265mm 90mm
Stand-up Pouch #5 400-700g Tea, 1kg Coffee 240mm 335mm 100mm

  • Material: Kraft, Foil
  • Capacity: 5g - 1kg

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