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  • Acai Matcha

    The amazing health properties of Matcha combined with Acai superfruit powder.

  • Anti-Sugar

    A delicious blend of pu-erh, herbs and citrus essences.

  • Apple Chai

    Sweet and spicy apple chai.

  • Banana Chocolate Latte

    A decadent coffee tea blend with chocolate and banana!

  • Banana Colada

    A tropical banana and piña colada treat!

  • Cacao Nibs

    Shelled and crushed raw organic cocoa beans

  • Canada 150

    Happy 150th Canada! Our maple tea boasts ingredients from all corners of the world, with hints of chocolate and a touch of spice.

  • Carob Root

    Roasted carob root imported from Turkey

  • Chocolate and Roses

    This combination of rich chocolate and delicate rose petals will sweep you off your feet!

  • Chocolate Orange

    A delicious honey bush blend with sweet flavours of chocolate and orange.

  • Japanese Genmaicha

    Smooth, nutty and soft flavor, aroma of roasted rice, fresh, grassy.

  • Kama Sutra Chai

    A tempest in a teapot, an elixir of love to fuel dangerous passions...

  • Kashmiri Chai

    A rich, sweet, and nutty flavored chai favored in Kashmir.

  • Lemon Ginger Tulsi

    A perfect blend for the winter months, will warm you right up and get you energized.

  • Lemongrass

    Lemongrass imported from Egypt

  • Lovely Lemon Drop

    Sweet, refreshing and delicious lemon drop iced tea!

  • Mamma Mia

    Mamma Mia! We've got it this time! Not just a Mother's Day tea, you will want to enjoy this all year!

  • Midnight Magic

    An eye-catching green tea blend with a sweet rose fragrance and light citrus notes.

  • Osmanthus Petals

    Deliciously aromatic dried osmanthus petals

  • Pink Grapefruit

    Refreshing grapefruit white tea!

  • Pomegranate Tulsi

    A delicate tulsi flavour, enhanced by lightly tart and fruity notes of pomegranate, will leave you cheerful and spirited.

  • Princess Peach

    Our peach iced tea is fantastic! Sweet peachy taste and smooth notes of rooibos.

  • Spicy Cacao

    Drink a hot cup of Spicy Cacao black tea, smooth, spicy and chocolatey.

  • Summer Casanova

    A summer tea that will seduce you with charming peach and spicy ginger notes

  • Sweet Cinnamon Hearts

    Curl up and savour the sweet and spicy flavour!

  • Vanilla Rooibos

    The best vanilla rooibos we've ever tasted! Smooth, soft, and flavorful.

  • Winter Warrior

    A sweet, spicy, warming blend to help keep you up and about!

  • Winter Wonderland

    Creamy, spicy, warming with a hint of vanilla and a malty tea base