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  • Santa’s Helper

    Great for kids! This blend is sweet and fruity with a hint of nuttiness that everyone can enjoy!

  • Acai Matcha

    The amazing health properties of Matcha combined with Acai superfruit powder.

  • Berry Breeze

    This just tastes like summer!

  • Candy Cane

    A simple but classic festive blend!

  • Chocolate and Roses

    This combination of rich chocolate and delicate rose petals will sweep you off your feet!

  • Holiday Cheer

    Holidays in a cup! Try our organic chocolate orange honeybush tea.

  • Lovely Lemon Drop

    Sweet, refreshing and delicious lemon drop iced tea!

  • Princess Peach

    Our peach iced tea is fantastic! Sweet peachy taste and smooth notes of rooibos.

  • Spicy Cacao

    Drink a hot cup of Spicy Cacao black tea, smooth, spicy and chocolatey.

  • Sweet Cinnamon Hearts

    Curl up and savour the sweet and spicy flavour!

  • Winter Wonderland

    Creamy, spicy, warming with a hint of vanilla and a malty tea base