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Pear Mate Mojito

Pear Mate Mojito

Pear Mate Mojito

A tea-twist on the classic mojito cocktail, pear infused with lime and mint on a base of super Mate!

Ingredients: Yerba mate, spearmint, lemongrass, apple, chrysanthemum, natural essences

25g (8-15 cups of tea)
100g (35-65 cups of tea)
500g (165-300 cups of tea)
2kg (670-1300 cups of tea)

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  • Serving Size: 2.5g /cup
  • Steeping Temp: 100°C
  • Steeping Time: 6-Apr mins.
  • Certification: Organic
  • Origin: Various
  • Caffeine: High (mate)

Pear Mate Mojito

We couldn't wait for summer to show off this blend. Yerba mate helps give a wonderful boost of energy, and the invigorating taste of mint, lime and pear, definitely help to lift your spirits and get you ready for the approach of summer.

Tasting Notes

Certification: Organic
Grade or Quality: Loose
Aroma: Lime and pear
Infusion Aroma: Fruity, citrusy, woodsy
Infusion Color: Green/Yellow
Base flavor: Sweet pear, notes of mint and lime
Infusion Strength: Medium-Light

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It is traditionally a social beverage and a symbol of hospitality. It is said that by sharing the gourd, it brings people closer together. The host will drink the first infusion from the gourd to ensure the yerba mate is ready and the right temperature. The first few sips also have a few pieces of yerba mate get through the straw. Each person will drink the entire gourd full, then pass the gourd back to the host to be refilled for the next person to drink. This continues in a...

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