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Three Tea Pouches Gift Box

Three pouches of luxury tea in pyramid teabags packed in a gift box with a carefully selected chocolate bar

Three Tea Pouches Gift Box

Three pouches of beautiful teas in pyramid teabags with a chocolate bar, packed in a gift box wrapped with a bow.

Milk Chocolate and Tea Gift - a gift pack of three exquisite teas and a Camino Milk Chocolate.

    Milk chocolate (38% cacao) - Smooth milk chocolate with a hint of creamy hazelnut.
    Strong Assam – this full-bodied and rich black tea cuts through the sweetness of the milk chocolate.
    Vanilla Rooibos – the nuttiness of the red rooibos complements the hazelnut flavour.
    Royal Cream Earl Grey – the sweet cream flavours of the Royal Cream Earl Grey are a lovely match for the creamy milk chocolate.

Almonds & Sea Salt Chocolate and Tea Gift - a gift pack of three elegant teas and a Camino Almonds & Sea Salt Chocolate.
    Almonds & sea salt chocolate (55% cacao) - Rich, creamy chocolate with whole roasted almonds and a hint of salt.
    Sita Chai – Our most delicious, rich, chocolate-flavored chai.
    Spicy Cacao – with malty black tea, chocolate and chili flakes, this pairing feels like a rich and toasty hot chocolate, with a little kick.
    Japanese Genmaicha – the toasted rice flavour of the tea really brings out similar flavours in the roasted almonds.

Dark Chocolate and Tea Gift Box- a gift pack of three sophisticated teas and a Camino Dark Chocolate.
    Dark chocolate (55% cacao) - Rich and sophisticated dark chocolate that melts in your mouth with exquisite smoothness.
    Pu-erh – the slight bitterness of this rich dark chocolate is balanced by the ultra-smooth, earthy and rich Pu-erh.
    Honey Oolong – the natural, sweet honey flavour of this tea softens the dark chocolate beautifully.
    Peace – bergamot and lavender bring a sophisticated twist to the bold chocolate.

Salted Caramel Chocolate and Tea Gift Box- a gift pack of three delectable teas and a Camino Salted Caramel Chocolate.
    Salted caramel crunch chocolate (55% cacao) - Smooth dark chocolate tastefully surprised by the sweet crunchy morsels of caramel with a touch of sea salt.
    Caramel Latte – the caramel and coffee flavours of this tea are a perfect match for the salted caramel chocolate.
    Warm Apple Cider – this pairing results in wonderful caramel apple flavours.
    Japanese Genmaicha – the toasted rice and caramel flavours combine to create a buttery caramel corn experience.

Orange Dark Chocolate and Tea Gift Box- a gift pack of three elegant teas and a Camino Orange Dark Chocolate.
    Orange chocolate (65% cacao) - The brightness of sun-ripened oranges in perfect harmony with the richness of dark chocolate.
    Midnight Jasmine – the delicate jasmine flavour is enhanced by sweet orange
    Orange Black – this robust black tea is blended with orange peel which will bring out the juicy orange flavours of the chocolate
    Strong Earl Grey – orange chocolate pairs beautifully with the mix of citrus notes from the bergamot flavours of the tea

Raspberry Chocolate and Tea Gift Box- a gift pack of three succulent teas and a Camino Raspberry Chocolate.
    Raspberry Chocolate (65% cacao) - The perfect combination of mouth-watering dark chocolate and naturally sweet, tangy raspberry morsels.
    Lemon Ginger Sencha – tart lemon meets tart raspberries for a zippy pairing with a little heat from the ginger.
    Raspberry Earl Grey – the malty black tea base complements the dark chocolate while the sweet raspberry flavours play with the tart raspberry morsels.
    Keemun – in this contrasting pairing, the smooth black tea has subtle smoky notes and a jam-like fruity finish which is enhanced by the raspberries in the chocolate.

Mint Chocolate and Tea Gift Box- a gift pack of three scrumptious teas and a Camino Mint Chocolate.
    Mint chocolate (67% cacao) - A combination of smooth dark chocolate and cool peppermint.
    Mint Chocolate – similar flavours with a rich, black tea for a perfect pairing.
    Irish Cream – sweet and milky with notes of vanilla and chocolate, Irish Cream helps mint chocolate feel like a luxe cocktail.
    Wuyi Rock – this long-oxidized oolong has a chocolate flavour of its own, plus earthy notes that soften the peppermint.


Organic tea (Camelia sinensis)


Serving Size: 2-3g /cup
Steeping Temp: 100°C
Steeping Time: 2-5 mins.
Origin: Various
Certification: Organic
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