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Raspberry Truffle

A romantic blend resembling in taste of a delicious raspberry truffle. Irresistible.

Raspberry Truffle

Surprise your loved one with this gorgeous, aromatic and delicious tea! Long leaf tea blended with beautiful hibiscus, sweet cinnamon and chocolaty cocoa nibs, sprinkled with beautiful flowers and petals. Aroma of raspberries, chocolate and vanilla should entice anyone into having a cup of this spectacular tea! This is a special edition blend so don't hesitate to try it! You and your loved one will not be disappointed.


Black oolong tea*, hibiscus*, elderberries*, cacao nibs*, cinnamon*, natural essences, cornflowers (red)*, chrysanthemum* (*organic)


Serving Size: 1.7g /cup
Steeping Temp: 85°C
Steeping Time: 3 mins.
Origin: Various
Certification: Organic
Grade or Quality: Loose
Aroma: Raspberries, chocolate
Infusion Aroma: Berries, chocolate
Infusion Strength: Medium
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